Animal Acupressure

Acupressure for Animals (and humans too!)


I love the Philosophy and teachings that surround Traditional Chinese Medicine.  Taking the whole body, mind, and spirit into account when looking at health and wellness, really makes a lot of sense to me!   My interest in acupuncture began when faced with a healing crisis with my dog Ernie.  He received Acupuncture treatments from his Integrative Vet for different health challenges, and I observed changes right in front of my eyes!   I had to learn more about how this worked, and how I could learn more about being able to support Ernie on my own.  My Vet also had a background in TCM, and it tied in with a lot of what I already knew and had studied already in past trainings.  I loved how everything was really connecting.    TCM offers a beautiful way to look at the whole system, as well as the elements (Five Element Theory) in nature (Fire, earth, metal, water and wood)and offer remedies, and treatments that  bring one back into balance.   

 I am a very big proponent of offering tools of empowerment, so that pet parents can support their animals, and humans are able to support themselves.   I am here merely as a facilitator of transformation and change, or in some cases, offer tools of support for caregiving.  It is very easy to share acupoints with my clients so that clients are able to continue to use  points as needed on their own. Acupressure can do wonders in many situations!   Reach out for a no obligation chat to find out more.!